Sunday, August 17, 2014

Vibhuti Yoga - 9th chapter of bhagvad geeta

You have eyes, ears to engage in the world, to benefit the world. If you are only lost in meditation with closed eyes then what is the use of these eyes. They are given to do some karma , तुम्हे कर्त्तव्य करने के लिए आँखें , कान और शरीर दिया जाता है, जिससे तुम कर्त्तव्य करो और कर्म करते करते जब राग द्वेष उठें तो उनको इस्वर मैं समर्पण कर दो।  when you engage in the worldly affairs it is natural for you to get attracted to certain aspects of the work and hate or dislike certain aspects of the work. When these attractions or aversions come then is the time for you to surrender them to me and move on with your work. This is spirituality. यही अध्यात्म हैं।  व्यवहार मैं अध्यात्म आ जाये तो जीवन पूर्ण होने लगता है.

इस्वर को अपना मान लेते हो , उससे संबंद जोड़ लेते हो तो इस्वर भी बुद्धि देने लगता है. कभी कभी रति/भक्ति और ज्ञान एक साथ आते हैं और अधिकतर पहले भक्ति प्रेम आता है और फिर ज्ञान आता है, बुद्धि  आती है.

जब बच्चा जन्म लेता है तब  जानता की माँ क्या है लेकिन फिर भी वह उससे प्रेम करता है. तुम भी पहले जान नहीं सकते हो की इस्वर क्या है लेकिन जब तुम्हे लगने लगता है की वह भी तुम्हारे सुख दुःख के साथी है तब तुम भी उसके करीब जाने लगते हो और वह भी तुम्हे ज्ञान देता है, बुद्धि देता है जिससे वह तुम मैं प्रकट हो सके.

Till the time you consider divine in third person it remains distant from you. It remains cause of all your fear. Even the fear comes out of divine. Even the adversity comes out from the divine. The not so good times are simply there for you to reflect and go deeper into your self. To help you make divine from third person to second person. वह से तुम बनने मैं इस्वर तुम्हारे दुःख का कारन होता है. जिसमें तुम इस्वर देखनें लगते हो वह गुरु होता है , योगी होता है. गुरु मैं इस्वर प्रथम पुरुष मैं होतें हैं, मैं ही इस्वर हूँ. In Guru the divine is in first person and therefore when you are attracted to Guru you automatically start experiencing the presence of the the divine. बिना गुरु के सनिध्ये के इस्वर दर्शन, अनुभूति असंभव है.

So divine is the cause of all the good, bad, character, achievements, failures and your growth. You cannot grow without him. He will never appear if he does not desire to. When your love reaches this state of surrender, this state of offering then divine helps you with some intellect, then divine brings a Guru into your life, then divine allows you to witness him in second person.

Gurudev +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji is giving commentary on 9th chapter of bhagvad geeta. Its a live webcast over these three days. Today was the first day and the above is what I could gather from it. If you want to get insights into the true treasures of divine (भूति जो सबसे बहुमूल्ये है उसे विभूति कहतें है ) then you should get into the 9th chapter of bhagvad geeta. Your mind runs after some attraction or other , तुम्हारा मन किसी न किसी ऐश्वर्ये के पीछे भागता है लेकिन जब आपको सबसे बहुमूल्ये ऐश्वर्ये मिलता है तब आपको विभूति योग होता है.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Indian Democracy and elections - a new hope is born

One thread that united india was the recently concluded Indian elections. It cut across caste, creed, religion and social status. It was a topic of discussion in the tea stalls to boardroom. Every indian has opinion on the elections. You talk to security guard or auto wallah or to CEOs or  artists. It affects and is part of out blood.

That is the nature of true democracy. A democracy into which life was fostered again, which got revived this time on mantra of development and good governance.

During the campaign politics of dole, freebies, fear, religion (clouded by various epithets like secular/communal ), character assassination, untouchability was superseded by politics of hope, of good governance , of development.

A new era is born in India. The youths have chosen to chide away their caste and religion and opted for their bright future and linked it with strong leadership.

Like any organisation democracies are also led from top. When the top inspires the whole value chain perspires to realize their and ours dream.

I had a past that was averse to politics, distanced from any hope in political system or deliverance of Indian democracy.

Now with the hope kindled in my heart and fanned by the warmth in the environment it has come to stay.

We live on hope and dream of brighter tomorrow.
We work hard to convert hope to reality.
We are on ground, realistic dreamers.

I am a believer today,

Where are you?

#credits goes to Gurudev +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji, +Narendra Modi ji and the tireless workers and dreamers of India who worship in the temples of Indian Democracy.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Distributing Voters ID and slip

Sujatha who is leading the volunteer for better india campaign at LnT South city called and asked

DAY 0 - Sunday
S- Have you distributed the voters id card?
I- No
S- They are available at BBMP office.
I - When can I collect it and whom to contact?
S - Fatima and Umesh ji and I will message the number.

DAY 1 - Monday
Next day reached BBMP. The place was a chaos with every corner people falling over each other trying to locate their voter id card. Managed to locate Mr Umesh.

Mr. Umesh gave the typical government employee look. Here are the gardenia cards, check and go.
I - Sir, I had organized the voters id registration drive on behalf of volunteers for better india and have come to collect the cards on behalf of residents.

See how the master makes an entry. A lady was standing beside me. Later found her name was Radhika and she was also from gardenia. She started interpreting my English to Umesh's kannada responses and vice versa. Finally Mr. Umesh expressions changed.

Mr Umesh - I had called your association and they said they could not distribute it.
I - Oh
Mr Umesh - Here are the cards, please count and sign here and leave your contact details.
Ms Radhika - can i help you with counting?

Just like that and I was - of course!!.

Just as we finished counting about 240 cards for gardenia Mr Umesh pushed the voting slips towards us.

Mr.Umesh - Can you distribute these also?

I did not know what were and Radhika explained it was required for voting.
I -  It is in kannada, how will I distribute?
Radhika - I know kannada and I can help.
I - Shall we sort it in sometimes in evening.

Meanwhile sent email to Brigade gardenia yahoo groups that they can come and collect it from my residence in the evening from 5-6 PM


Nagaraj a successful entrepreneur was the first to come. He humbly agreed to sort the cards block wise. We found some more cards not belonging to gardenia and kept them aside.

Radhika promptly came on time and started segregating the voters slip sheet block wise.

DAY 2 - Tuesday
I went to BBMP office to return the outside gardenia cards and slips. While coming out met Bhavani who was also a fellow resident.

She came in the evening and said she will come again tomorrow to help with sorting.

Brigade gardenia apartments owners association secretary Mr. Ravi agreed to distribute at association office from 6-7 PM in the evening.

DAY 3 - Wednesday
Manisha  came forward to distributed cards in Golden Magic.

Bhavani  came in the evening and helped to sort the slips. Surekha and Indira ji also collected many slips of their neighbours.

Satya said he was free for whole day on thursday.
DAY 4 - Thursday
Pratima took her voting slips as well as for tonnes of her friends.
Satya came early in the morning and distributed cards for one of the block during the day.
Arthi and Smruthi came forward after work and distributed the voters id, door to door.

DAY 5 - Friday
Mr. Viswanathan Kollur came for their slips and shared his disgust with one of the ancient party of India since partition. I was amazed to hear that the same secular (sicular)

DAY 6 - Saturday
Art of living organizes followup in elita every saturday at 7AM at yoga room. I got a message from teacher that I need to take it this time as the teacher felt sick.

Look at the so called mere coincidence of master entering again in story. I was coming back from followup when Sonia and Deepa were coming out from augusta club.
They - we came but you were not there.
I - Sorry, I may have gone out for food.
They - can we distribute slips now.
I - of course

What started as One person initiative became 14 person drive in no time.

Finally, I am grateful to HH +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for starting this movement volunteer for a better india and giving me courage and inspiration to participate in the voters ID registration, distribution and awareness drive 2014.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

knowledge cleanses the mind

You know there are 5 ways to depress the mind. The same 5 ways are to uplift the energy levels of the the mind.

  1. Time - the mind simply goes down for no reason. There is not much you can do here except pray for the times to change.
  2. Food - The right amount and type of food at the right time can keep you energised. The excess intake of food may depress you. The more depressed you are you may take more wrong food at wrong time and the vicious cycle continues.
  3. State of body - Some disease or illness can also bring down the energy of the mind. Here everyday pranayama and sudarshan kriya and other yoga practises keep body out of sickness and inactivity and inertia. 
  4. Singing-dancing -  otherwise known as satsang wherein you chant, sing and glorify divinity in its various manifestations, you increase your energy. This also helps release emotional blockages.
  5. Seva - Doing something for others. Not being lost in your own world 24/7. When you come out of your own world and exchange energies only then do you enliven the life in you. 

Do seva and see. Take it as a challenge. Take it as training. What will happen even if you fail?

Meditation alone for the whole day will not help. Without seva your meditation can never go deeper. Its IMPOSSIBLE.

Seva happens at the right time and place. The time has to be right and the place has to be right. And it has to happen. There is not much planning or analysis of personal gains or losses. It has to happen then it has to happen.

All the first 4 points above are not effective if not followed by 5th point. Its not possible to keep singing dancing or chanting or practising or meditation or eating for the whole day and keep growing. Without seva you evolution is stunted.

Yesterday meditation toned down the colossal agitations of the mind. It is nature of the mind to pound and erupt like volcanoes and its the nature of the knowledge to reduce the eruption into a stream of river.

Yesterday Gurudev first took us through meditation highlighting the tatva gyan.  The tatva gyan is that universe is made up of five elements and all elements flow in the space or akash and are part of divinity.

Also, vairagya or dispassion also helps to settle the mind. Knowing that this body and life is only for a while. The human body is required and is inevitable for the cleansing of the mind to happen. Therefore, the human birth is precious. So, while you have it, put it to good use.

Every soul past, present or future resides in the space and is there all the time. Honouring and reposing in the space brings you closer to your self. Have the faith. Have this belief that divinity is in you as much as out of you.

Meaning of kala bhairava.
A form of divinity whose vehicle in svana.  Svana means dog but also has a different meaning in sanskrit. Sva means yesterday and tomorrow and na means NO. So which is not yesterday and tomorrow but is the present moment, the NOW is where kala bhairava resides.


Most words originated in yesterdays evening satsang with Gurudev at art of living international ashram.

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